Metered Spray Deodorizers

Knights Marketing has metered spray deodorizers for sale. What is a metered spray deodorizer? It is a product that automatically sprays deodorizer at particular intervals of your choosing. So you do not have to worry about constantly using a spray. Simply refill and let the metered spray deodorizer work its magic! This is the perfect deodorizer for commercial buildings and facilities, including for use in bathrooms.

The metered spray deodorizers we have for sale are the Claire Metered Air Freshener Dispenser and the Time Mist Metered Dispenser. Here is more information about both of these metered spray deodorizers we have for sale.

Claire Metered Air Freshener Dispenser

  • Works 24/7.
  • 3 Interval settings: 7.5, 15 & 30 minutes.
  • Key lock mechanism.
  • Red light symbolizes empty can.
  • We have 2 different refills available: Claire Citrus Blast Air Freshener Refill and Claire Spring Lilac Air Freshener Refill
  • Refills formulated with Ordenone odor neutralizer, which eliminates smoke and other malodors. They are effective in areas up to 6000 cubic feet. This dry formula means no messy fall-out on counters and floors.

Time Mist Metered Dispenser

  • A simple and reliable automatic metered odor control with a sophisticated design.
  • 15 Minute Spray Setting.
  • For maximum odor control.
  • French Kiss Time Mist Refill works faster and stays in air longer than competitors. Has 15- to 45-day refill depending on spray interval setting.
  • Yankee Candle Assortment Refills available: includes two cans each of Buttercream, Clean Cotton, Home Sweet Home, Macintosh, and Midnight Jasmine (last a full 30 days).

Benefits of Deodorizers

Air spray deodorizers are a common way many freshen up a room and there are various types of air fresheners available, including the metered spray deodorizers we have for sale. Here are some of the more common benefits you will gain when you properly use our air spray deodorizers.

Easily Programmable

The #1 benefit of air spray deodorizers is how easy to use they are, since they are programmable. The metered ones we sell go off automatically and they are easily programmable to set up at intervals that work best for you. If you know you are going to have a busy period, then you can program it to go off more frequently. If slower, you can save on the deodorizer and use more sparingly.

Quick Results

Since these deodorizers dispense automatically, you get quick results that will mask unpleasant smells and leave a fresh scent in the air.


These deodorizers remain active inside the room for long periods of time, which is why they are perfect for bathrooms and other commercial buildings. Any lingering smells can be effectively eliminated quickly and for good.

Combat Viruses, Bacteria & Mold

These are not disinfectants, which are much better at fighting viruses, bacteria, and mold, but the use of deodorizers does help to combat the spread of viruses, bacteria, and mold in certain settings.