Korkay Cleaning Products

Korkay products are an excellent alternative to Spray Nine's environmental products. They are safe and effective to use at home or on the job. From degreasers, to black streak removers, to vinyl protectors, Korkay offers a full line of industrial cleaning supplies and products.

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Authorized Dealer of Korkay Cleaning Products

We are an authorized dealer of Korkay cleaning products. These supplies will help you combat all sorts of dirt, grease and grime at your commercial facility or office. Korkey is a leading manufacturer of some of the best cleaning supplies and cleaner solutions in the US. They produce everything from degreasers, to aluminum cleaners, to hand soap. And over the years, they have become a trusted name for industrial cleaning.

For more information about our selection of Korkay cleaning solutions, please contact us today. We offer wholesale pricing to help you affordably get what you need without breaking the bank to do so.